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13 Jun 2020

When the parents admit their children in the Elementary School, they have many dreams in their minds. They wish their wards to study well, go and get the highest Education possible, and build a career of their own for happy living. Students also get inspiration from the School Atmosphere, to go up and up in their Classes, and finish their Final School Exams with the highest marks.

This urge is inherent in their mind throughout. The famous Author and Research Scholar, Anthony J. D’Angelo, went on interviewing thousands of College and University Students around the world. He found out the truth and wrote many books on his findings. He says, “Develop a passion for learning; if you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Thus he vehemently asserts that the inherent urge to study will motivate the Students to achieve many glories in life. Patrachar Vidyalaya in Delhi is the best example of a Passion for learning.

Hurdles faced by High School Students:

But in practice, the Students face many obstacles and stumbling blocks, in continuing their studies at the High School level. These impediments douse Their dream of reaching the Final School Courses of 10th Standard and 12th Standard – otherwise known as Secondary and Higher Secondary Courses.

If a student wants to study 10th Standard, he should have passed 9th Standard, compulsorily. If he is not successful, he will be sent out of the School once and for all with a Transfer Certificate. No other School will admit him either in the 9th Standard or allow him to sit in 10th Standard. 

It is the same case for those who are unsuccessful in the 11th Standard. They cannot study 12th Standard in that School or any other School. 

Lots of Students face this unfortunate situation every Academic Year. They curse their fate and try to earn their living by going to some employment. CBSE Patrachar Comes here to help these students to Continue once again the school education.

Know more about CBSE Patrachar:

The Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Operates Patrachar Vidyalaya Schools in and around Delhi. These CBSE Patrachar Schools are very lenient in giving Direct Admission to these aspiring, but unlucky Students.

Those who are not successful in the 9th Standard can join the 10th, and those who did not pass 11th can join the 12th Standard. Besides, those who left Schools in earlier Classes or did not study in Regular Schools can also consider 10th Standard, and after passing, get the Certificate.

Once they pass 10th Standard, they can continue to study 12th Standard also, and after that, join any College or University. Thus CBSE Patrachar Vidyalaya is a gateway for fulfilling the inherent desire burning in the minds of those aspiring Candidates to pass School Final Courses and continue their education to the highest level.

How to get Admission in CBSE Patrachar?

Even those employed persons can also study through Patrachar mode, all the above two Courses, and become a highly educated man.

They need only contact expert Patrachar Vidyalaya Educational Institutions at Delhi in this regard, online or through the phone. The professionals in these Institutions will provide all the guidance, advice, help, and support to achieve their ambitions surely.

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