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21 Jun 2020

Almost every one of us is aware of the importance of Education in life. That is why parents all over the world promptly admit their wards in Schools at the right tender age. They are dreaming that their children will cross every Class and reach the School Final stage.

The reason for this aiming is only if a person successfully comes out of School Final Course – namely 10th Standard – he or she can choose the further Course, in their career. This mile-stone decides whether to continue studying 12th Standard and get higher Education in Colleges. Also, take a diversion to acquire technical skills in various trades, for a job that can bring good income throughout life.

Yet there are lots and lots of unlucky Students who are unable to reach this destination. The reasons are so many. However, if they sincerely try, they can achieve the most extensive knowledge and wisdom outside of Regular Schools.

Maya Angelou was a prominent writer, Poet, and Professional Performer in the U.S. She has written many books about Education and learning. In one of her books, she says, “My mother said I must always be small-minded of ignorance, but odea of illiteracy. That some people, unable to attend SchoolSchool, were more educated and more intelligent than college professors.”

Precisely she means that if one starts trying, they can definitely acquire Education. Outside Regular Schools, there is the Nios Open School method, which is followed in many countries, including India.

NIOS Board of Education:

Nios Admission - National Institute of Open Schooling organized and administered by the Government of India offers aspiring Candidates. Under this, students study privately, out of the Regular School method, and obtain Secondary Grade 10th Standard and Higher Secondary Grade 12th Standard Certificates.

This Board offers high-quality Education, according to the Syllabus prescribed by CBSE , which is followed uniformly in all schools all over India.

Admission to NIOS 10th Standard:

Every Academic Year, NIOS Board conducts 10th Standard Secondary Course and admits Students from anywhere in India. Students need not attend School at all. Instead, they can study through Correspondence Course all the stipulated Subjects of 10th Standard in Regular Schools.

This way, anyone desirous of Passing 10th Standard and obtaining the Secondary School Leaving Certificate can join NIOS 10th admission as Private Student. Once the Student passes the CourseCourse, a precious Secondary Grade Certificate will be awarded to them. 

With this Certificate, they can choose their best option to study and Pass 12th Standard, and then join Colleges and get Graduation. Or join some other Technical Courses to learn the skills of any Trade, like Fitter, Turner, Mechanic, Electrician, Nursing, and others.

How to get NIOS 10th Admission?

The stipulations for joining the 10th Standard in NIOS are very simple and favorable. The Candidate must be of 14 years of age and even did not undergo any formal Education before. Those who had not been successful in Schools, in lower classes of 8th and 9th, can join 10th Standard directly. students can apply for Nios Admission with Nios online form on Nios official website.

Get help from Educational Institutions:

NIOS 10th Admission is made through online only. The procedure and formalities are somewhat tricky for the Candidates to understand. Therefore they can seek the help of professionals inexperienced Educational Institutions located in Delhi. 

By contacting them either by phone or online, the professionals will render all the help, support, and assistance to the candidates to get NIOS 10th Admission. With their support in everything, including Coaching, passing 10th becomes very easy.


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