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13 Jun 2020

When the parents admit their children in the Elementary School, they have many dreams in their minds. They wish their wards to study well, go and get the highest Education possible, and build a career of their own for happy living. Students also get inspiration from the School Atmosphere, to go up and up in their Classes, and finish their Final School Exams with the highest marks.

This urge is inherent in their mind throughout. The famous Author and Research Scholar, Anthony J. D’Angelo, went on interviewing thousands of College and University Students around the world. He found out the truth and wrote many books on his findings. He says, “Develop a passion for learning; if you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Thus he vehemently...

30 Apr 2020

The Great Scientist of all times – Albert Einstein - once said: “Education is the thing that remaining parts after one has overlooked what one has realized in school.” So going to school is not the only way for anyone to acquire knowledge and wisdom since what a man learns in School will not be remembered throughout his life. Yet it paves the way to get Certificates and Degrees, to show that the man is a learned person.

Many people, unfortunately, miss the opportunity of passing the lower classes or dropping out of school midway. Yet inwardly, they are longing for obtaining School Final Certificates, to show and get identified as learned people, in society. 

These people need not worry anymore. Here is a second...